Want People to like you more? Are you checking everything off Inspire212’s checklist?

Likeability matches talent for leverage on advancement, Inspire212 encourage their contractors to boost their likeability by checking their behaviours against their checklist.

Event marketing specialists Inspire212 have developed a healthy culture for success, their bulletproof screening process ensures their clients can be confident their outsourced brand ambassadors match their existing high standards.  One of the factors considered during the appointment phase is a person’s likeability factor, with substantial research into how to become more likable, Inspire212 urge anyone looking to work with the firm to ensure they aren’t making any of these faux pas:

  1. Passing the blame: In most scenarios, everyone carries an element of liability, it is vital to take responsibility when needed. People who can demonstrate taking responsibility for actions or lack of are more likely to make improvements and develop better strategies moving forward.
  2. Wait to be given direction. Being able to think objectively is a likable factor, it also offers leaders to see the potential for career growth. For development purposes, a mentor can dissect the thought process behind why something may have gone wrong, and they are more likely to use advice constructively.
  3. Materialistic possessions are used to gain leverage. Likeable people often demonstrate high emotional intelligence. Genuine relationships are built on realness and trust, it is clear when a front is being put on, and it makes people uneasy.
  4. Don’t let you share ideas and beliefs. Listening skills are crucial to likeability. It is rude to interrupt, interrupting communicates their opinion offers no value, take time to ask questions that may provide more in-depth understanding. People don’t always have to agree on perspective, but people who can take on board other viewpoints will be more likable.
  5. Whining, instead of focussing on solutions. Thoughts and words depict how people feel, and likable people consider this when reacting to a situation.  Attractive people learn to adapt to varying circumstances and put effort into improving a situation.
  6. Being unappreciative of diversity. Uniqueness makes everything more interesting. Likeable people seek out why people are different and figure out where the advantage lies in these skills or attributes.

Inspire 212 has recently blasted onto the London marketing scene bringing with them a mission to provide rapid growth opportunities for their clients and their workforce. As a marketing firm that adds the human touch, Inspire212 will provide their customers with the highest standard of customer service and brand awareness from their team of friendly, highly trained, and professional sales representatives.

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