Inspire 212 “Why we are committed to making work fun.”

Company culture is vital to maintaining a positive working environment. Jenna Hadden CEO of Inspire 212 shares why she is committed to making work fun. 

A company’s brand is emphasised and supported by a firm’s culture.  The culture is visible throughout the company at all touch points with the outside world.  Many businesses overlook the importance of maintaining a positive culture that communicated the company’s values and mission. Inspire 212 a successful London based Event Marketing firm is confident their dedication to fun in the office sets them ahead of the competition. 

Culture: The glue that keeps a workforce together: Every firm should have traditions, similar to a family these are the foundations for memories and people feeling included.  Inspire 212 have a diverse workforce from all cultures, but they still manage to respect and celebrate all holidays.  The firm attends and host award ceremonies throughout the year, hold team dinners, winner circle nights out for high achievers and weekly team nights.  These incentives kept everyone on task and committed to producing quality results.  As individuals reach pinnacle points in their professional development, the whole teams head out for a celebratory meal to allow recognition in fun and rewarding for all environment.   

Say it loud and proud: Everyone at Inspire 212 is pleased with the culture and communicate all their successes with clients, mentors, and investors by offering travel opportunities, celebratory dinners, and additional training opportunities.  The firm has benefitted from high staff retention rates which allows them to guarantee quality throughout all their client’s campaigns.  The company is committed to development and growth, and Jenna Hadden, CEO of the firm was recently quoted stating “We are lucky enough to have built a team of terrific people and to date, we have kept a low staff turnover, we call it the Inspire212 magic. Everyone knows how we get things done. With the growth in everyone’s mind, I have a team of industry experts and developing leaders who are happy to mentor newcomers as we expand.” 

Inspire 212 will continue their efforts to make working with the firm fun, and ensure everyone’s values match those at the core of the daily running in the office.  We will be expanding our client base in 2018, which means our teams will grow, we vow to welcome everyone to the same opportunities and encourage personal and professional development.  Everyone at the firm is looking forward to reaching their goals in 2018. 


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