Inspire 212 secure tickets for industry event on leadership

Knowledge is power within any industry. Inspire 212 is committed to offering learning opportunities to all of their contractors, which has led them to book their first training event of 2018.  

Entrepreneurship is a constant learning journey, markets and trends are changing all the time, its vital for businesses to anticipate change and ensure skills are up to date, providing smooth transitions are made during periods of growth.  Inspire 212 outgrew their office space in 2017, moving them to a large capacity office in North London, the firm is passionate about growth and boosting market reach in 2018.  One of the key focusses this year is to develop a well-rounded team that can cope with increased pressure during the firm next stage of growth.  

The industry training event will see guest speakers from across the globe inspire young leaders from the industry to try new approaches, fine-tune leadership styles and maximise productivity.  The one-day seminar will include specific workshops tailored to specific skills and catered to all the different stages of the attendees’ professional development. The interactive approach allows a perfect opportunity to ask questions and ensure all achieve a thorough understanding. 

The training seminar will also provide an opportunity to network with industry giants and up and coming talent.  The firm has always encouraged their contractors to network and develop business connections that can boost their capabilities both now and the future.  “There was a real buzz in the office when I announced we’d secure tickets for the event, with everyone working hard towards their professional goals the injection of fresh perspective and new ideas will just be what the team needs to get the year off to a flying start.” Revealed Miss Hadden. 

Inspire 212 is an outsourced sales and event marketing firm providing clients with first-class service for increasing their client’s customer base. Inspire 212 has a team of highly professional sales and marketing representatives that bring the human interaction back into the marketing strategy. Their concept integrates their clients’ brand awareness into the consumer shopping environment which results in a receptive and positive response from customers. The firms creative and innovative ideas generate event marketing solutions that achieve results and are extremely cost-effective with a guaranteed Return on Investment (ROI). 

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