CEO of Inspire 212 Jenna Hadden reveals why quitting was never an option

While the majority of business owners encounter turbulence at some stage of their entrepreneurial journey, Jenna Hadden of Inspire 212 believes abandoning a role is never an option – no matter how difficult things may get.

Hadden’s firm manages a diverse set of contractors, all with individual goals and missions. Keeping in tune with their desires, the firm can maximise productivity through the development of opportunities and business mentoring.

In a recent interview, the CEO reveals precisely how she overcomes the urge to quit.

“My stomach gets in knots when I recall previous circumstances of missed opportunities. Instead of fearing failure, I try to imagine that sickening feeling of regret when passing up a golden opportunity because it was foolishly jettisoned at the first sign of trouble,” stated Jenna Hadden.

Inspire 212 offers localised, cost-effective and top-performing campaigns for businesses looking to boost market share – enriching the overall customer experience. As the firm’s leading decision-maker, Hadden claims to take action in a way that sets a tone of perseverance in an industry where startups can come today and be gone tomorrow.

“As we’re situated in a very innovative and competitive industry, it’s simply unthinkable to wave the white flag after a disappointing campaign, or unexpected result. We really try to emphasise the benefit of developing a measured approach, and ‘thick skin’ to negative outcomes so we can learn from failure and not let it beat us a second time,” commented Hadden.

Her firm, Inspire 212, are committed to mentoring up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and view their development as vital for the industry and boosting of local economies. From her persona, it is clear that Hadden is extremely keen to forward and infuse her experiences and resilience into Inspire 212’s company culture.

While many of the viral business stories shared across social media feature the achievement of overcoming adversity, at a personal level, Hadden wants to be known for developing top-performing entrepreneurs that harbour the resilience and drive to succeed.

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