Blow the competition out of the water by following Inspire 212’s leadership hacks

Even leaders with vast leadership experience can benefit from new perspectives. Inspire212 share their top leadership hacks to boost 2018. 

Leadership styles vary between individuals, but top leaders often demonstrate similar qualities.  Inspire212 have achieved large-scale success this year, and they are confident their commitment to developing effective leaders has accelerated their progress.   

the firm reveals their leadership hacks that have set them aside from the competition: 

Be a positive role model – Leaders should demonstrate the culture and values of a branding every action they make. By setting the tone for processes and ensuring that expectations are shared is crucial to an active leader.

Be humble – A great leader highlights the capabilities of their team. Being able to share the credit is vital for gaining respect in a group and ensuring passion for success from all is maintained.

Practice effective communication – Operating an open-door policy has helped Inspire212 CEO Jenna Hadden keep in tune with the culture of the company.  Her approachable demeanour allows people to feel confident addressing any issues to quickly offer resolution and returning to task with minimal effect on productivity.

Find a Mentor – Being ready to learn every day is crucial to development mentors can help avoid costly mistakes and open new opportunities that may not necessarily be present.  Be smart and secure a mentor who will challenge capabilities, inspire success, and boost productivity.

Be emotionally aware – The most effective leaders demonstrate high-level emotional intelligence.  Being able to address differences in opinion, background and constructively deal with issues will build confidence from others.  A sensitive leader is more likely to inspire confidence, gain respect and achieve collective goals.

Encourage creativity – A creative time will stand the test of time.  Businesses need innovation and a brand which encourages new ideas is more likely to become pioneers in their field.  A good leader will offer equal opportunities for people to share their thoughts and take on board those that will improve the business while providing feedback to all.

Be passionate about your work – Leaders need to demonstrate the passion for a cause and boost morale.  Take time to speak passionately about core values to inspire others.

Know your team – take the time to get to know each member of the group, walk for a coffee, chat at the photocopier, and invest time in activities that allow a 4D image of the people who are in charge of the success of the business.  A more in-depth understanding of each person enables a more efficient range of incentives to be set, therefore boosting productivity.

Inspire212 will continue to develop strong leaders throughout 2018, by shaping the future they are confident in their ability to form a better future for everyone in the firm. Inspire212 Put pressure on the competition by releasing their 2018 goals. 



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